NH Marine Debris to Energy Project

A New Hampshire-based project to study marine debris at sea and on the shore, incorporating waste-to-energy and recycling as part of cleanup efforts.

Marine Debris to Energy is a project that takes a holistic approach to marine debris by tracking and cleaning up marine debris on the shore, underwater, and on the ocean. A large component of this project involves collecting derelict fishing gear at a collection bin and at monofilament recycling bins along the coast and converting it into energy via a waste-to-energy plant in New Hampshire. The project will also provide a collection point for data from beach cleanup volunteers, commercial and recreational fishermen, and other users of the coastline to report marine debris. Users of the site will be able to generate reports and maps to learn more about marine debris along the New Hampshire coast and in the Gulf of Maine. More...

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This study is funded by NH Sea Grant.
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