NH Marine Debris to Energy Project

A New Hampshire-based project to study marine debris at sea and on the shore, incorporating waste-to-energy and recycling as part of cleanup efforts.

Contact Information

The NH Marine Debris to Energy Program is a joint venture of the following organizations:

Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation
Jen Kennedy
143 Pleasant Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-0260
E-mail info@blueoceansociety.org
Web Site http://www.blueoceansociety.org

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
Ken La Valley, PhD
131 Main St.
Durham, NH 03824
(603)862-4343 ken.lavalley@unh.edu
Web Site http://extension.unh.edu/

University of Georgia

Jenna R. Jambeck, PhD
Assistant Professor Faculty of Engineering

(706) 542-6454

E-mail jjambeck@uga.edu

Clean up Crew!
Recent visitor to our coast

This study is funded by NH Sea Grant and through a grant from the NOAA Marine Debris Program.
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