NH Marine Debris to Energy Project

A New Hampshire-based project to study marine debris at sea and on the shore, incorporating waste-to-energy and recycling as part of cleanup efforts.

Marine Debris-to-Energy Reports

Debris reports contains summaries of the various types of debris collected, the number of beach cleanups, and volunteer information. Location reports consist of summaries of the various locations that debris cleanups occur at, and local collection points for marine debris.
  Debris Reports
  Location Reports
  • NH Beaches - List of major beaches along the New Hampshire seacoast where debris cleanups are held. (Rather have a PDF click here!)
  • Bin Locations - List of bin locations where debris is collected. the program has two types of bins: Fishing Gear collections bins and Monofilament Line bins. (Rather have a PDF click here!)
Cleanup Crew!
Cleanup crew

This study is funded by NH Sea Grant and through a grant from the NOAA Marine Debris Program.
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